Personal Training


In your corner every step of the way towards your fitness goals 


Personal Training is a premium coaching service designed for individuals serious about achieving their goals.


As part of a personal training package the Spike Fitness coach will help to define your goalpost and timeframes for success, before devising a plan to get there that is underpinned by the Spike Fitness functional fitness philosophy. Personal training caters for a range of fitness goals including: 

  • Health and wellbeing 

  • Sport specific training 

  • Body recomposition 

  • Strength and athletic performance 

At Spike Fitness we believe that health extends beyond the gym and as a premium customer you can expect to develop a relationship with your coach built on trust that they are in your corner and genuine connection. Personal Training position are very limited to ensure the Spike Fitness coaches are available for multiple session a week.


Personal Training is  delivered at the the Spike Fitness Gym unless otherwise arranged.


Personal Training plans run for 1 month, 3 months or half a year depending on the personal circumstances of the customer and the goals being pursued.


To make actionable progress towards goals Spike Fitness strongly encourages a minimum of two personal training session a week.


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