My philosophy at Spikefitness is to educate and empower you through fitness. At SpikeFitness science and results do the talking, each session is not just about getting a sweat on and leaving empty handed or close minded to what fitness has to offer. My mission is for you to take away something new and add value to your training and to your life as a whole. Whether you are a new time gym goer or a seasoned athlete, Spikefitness caters to all.

For far too long individuals have bought blindly into products that do not get them to their desired goals, due to lack of knowledge in why they invested in the product in the first place, leaving the consumer empty handed and demoralised. If this sounds like you or something you have dealt with in past experiences with health and fitness, Spikefitness offers a range of products such as 1:1 individualised personal training, group training and online coaching. My gym is a private Boutique environment that offers all the advantages of a large commercial gym but without the expense and constraints which in turn means your training experience feels very personal. 

These services are the ideal approach to get personalised assistance by an industry accredited professional. Tailored coaching will enable you to understand each step of the way, equipping your fitness inventory with the tools you need for the rest of your life.

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